Alexander Yow


The top Lieutenant for the Elephant Gang. Alexander is a brutal killer and politician.

-24th of Winterstar

Alex recruited the Ex-Dominos in an attempt to fulfill the Mastadon’s wishes to take over the elven capital. This was his ultimate downfall, for him and the whole Elephant Gang. He realized this as a fork thrown by Cookie went all the way through his body… taking one of his lungs with it.


Alexander, or Alex to his friends, had a rough childhood. Constantly moving from town to town. When he got older he began to get into trouble all the time. In his later years, he actually settled down and had a family. Everything was great until the elven army came and killed his wife and children… the general of that section of the army, Ethra Moon, killed the soldiers responsible for their deaths and apologized to the broken man. She explained that the mutations sometimes have side effects and his family was in the wrong place at the wrong time… Alex swore that he would kill all the elves from that day. After travelling for years, he met someone with as much hatred for the elves as he did. The Mastadon…

Alexander Yow

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