Gnomris Sanzo


Gnomris, or the Gnome Home Gnome, is a grumpy old gnome living in Dostflower. He offers his home as a very small Bed and Breakfast for people who want to get away from all the “elfieness” above.

-6th of Firstdew
Me and the big guys? Oh yeah. We’re friends. Like best friends.
I got Cookie tea. He made some gross salad. Steak was good though. Yeah… best friends.
John’s a grumpy guster who need to do his homework or he won’t finish college. Little whipper snapper!
Elana? Oooh hot-cha-cha! Not a fan of elves but when you live in an elfie town? Wouldn’t mind the ol’ zip-zap-zoodle if you know what I mean.


Gnomris has always known Dostflower. He grew up there. Built his home there. The sights are great! If only it wasn’t so “elfie” as he likes to put it. No one really knows why he stays and many elven parents tell their children not to go near him. As hard and grumpy as he seems to be, Gnomris is rather lonely and wishes for friendship. As long as you can put up with him being nosey and annoying, maybe you could stay at his Bed and Breakfast, Gnome Home. He may wait up for you to get home if your out late though…

Gnomris Sanzo

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