Tellio Quest


A famed elven blacksmith in Dostflower. A nice fellow who doesn’t care who you are as long as you are an honest person. For those who present him with a challenge, they will not be disappointed.

-6th of Firstdew
Tellio rather enjoys business with this Cookie fellow. It’s refreshing. Human in an elven land with a Moon weapon and he doesn’t give a damn. Man’s got balls. Tellio will always be fair with him and his friends. Plus the gear they bring fetches a nice gold or two.

-23rd of Firstdew
Cookie picked up the best frying pan Tellio had ever made. Pure Adamantine and it’s infused with magic. That baby will never get dirty, no matter what you cook in it.


Tellio Quest was an adventurer in his younger days. He traveled all over the Long Cross and learned from some of the best smiths of the land. When he finally settled down in Dostflower, the Drindl army gave him his own forge and asked that he forge the equipment for their soldiers. It was easy work, but he always wanted more of a challenge. Then one day, a leader of a special forces unit known as the Moon Knights asked him to forge their gear. He accepted and forged some of the best swords for her men. They became known as Moon Weapons. Around the Elven nation those blades can fetch a pretty copper if one acquires one.

Tellio Quest

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